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Pan de Cito: The Music Video                                               March 12, 2018

Finally a song version that you want your kids to sing despacito!  It's the chart-topping, fresh-baked Song of the Year!

Fun in the Oven

Christmas Wishlist: 12 Days of Bread Basket                                               December 28, 2017

Mmm, so many things to celebrate and so many yummy treats to enjoy!    We hope you got everything you wanted this holiday season!  

10 Things to Do Before Summer Vacation Ends                                                  Sep 2, 2017

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer…  time to take advantage of the beautiful weather and have fun with family and friends!


  1. SF Comic Con:  Let your inner geek come out!

  2. Cool off at the beach! The sun is shining in Daly City!   Bring a volleyball, some friends, and treats and enjoy a day of fun!

  3. Take a hike! Take the less beaten path and explore the local hiking!  Here are some ideas.

  4. Volunteer!  Spend your time giving back to others in need. It will put a smile on their face and yours as well.

  5. Check out an outdoor movie or drive-in movie!  Pick up your favorite snacks or try some of our pastries to enjoy while enjoying a movie  under the stars.  Find out where to go here.

  6. Have a picnic!    Put some of your favorite food in a picnic basket and dine out! 

  7. Finish your back to school shopping!    Look for last-minute deals and shopping hacks like these!  And what can you pack for the kids’ lunch?   Follow us on Instagram for ideas!

  8. Root for the home team!  The SF Giants and A’s are in town!   Cheer for the Bay’s teams!

  9. Have a garage sale or donate!  You’ve heard of Spring Cleaning; how about Fall Cleaning!  Out with the old, in with the new! Sell old clothes, shoes, and even accessories to make room for new pieces for the new school year!

  10. Have a Barbeque!    Stop by our bakery for your food needs. We have plenty of great tasting treats and bread your family and friends will enjoy. Our Pan de Sal or Pan de Leche make great burger slider rolls

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